Otto Orizzontale

Otto Orizzontale

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Optional Manoeuvre Group 1 (12) Horizontal Figure of Eight (non aerobatic only) - The model approaches in straight and level flight (1), then makes (2) a one-quarter circle turn in a direction away from the judges, followed (3) by a 360 degree circle turn (3a, 3b, 3c) in the opposite direction. This is followed (4) by a three-quarter-circle turn (4a, 4b) in the same direction as the first turn, completing a figure-of-eight, parallel to the runway centreline and at a constant altitude. The manoeuvre ends (5) on the same altitude and heading as the start, and should be centred on the judges' centreline.


x Entry into first circle not at right angles to original flight path
x Circles are of unequal size
x Circles misshapen
x Constant height not maintained
x Intersection not centred on judges position
x Entry and exit path not parallel with judges line
x Overall size of manoeuvre not realistic for prototype
x Model flight path not smooth and steady
x Manoeuvre too far away, too close, too high or too low

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