Otto Cubano

Otto Cubano

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Cuban Eight (aerobatic only) - The model approaches parallel to the runway (1). After passing the judges' centreline, the model pulls up (2) into approximately 5/8th’s of an inside loop and continues heading downward (3) at 45 degrees, inverted. The model performs a half roll on the 45-degree downline on the judges' centreline; followed (5) by another approximately 3/4 inside loop to 45 degrees inverted (6). The model then executes a half-roll to normal flight (7) on the judges’ centreline, and then recovers (8) to straight and level flight (9) on the same track, heading and altitude as the start.


x Manoeuvre not performed in a constant vertical plane that is parallel with the judges line
x Loops are not in keeping with the prototype
x Loops are not the same size
x Half rolls are not centred on judges position
x 45 degree descent path not achieved
x Model does not exit manoeuvre at same height as entry
x Model does not resume straight and level flight on same track as entry
x Inappropriate use of throttle
x Size and speed of loops not in manner of prototype
x Manoeuvre too far away, too close, too high or too low

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